As our catalogue shows, ROCCO has released several reports that cover a wide range of topics relevant to the industry. For instance, the Roaming Blockchain report covers the potential benefits that operators can get from adopting this multi-purpose technology into the roaming settlement process. With regards to cybersecurity, ROCCO released the SMS Firewall and the Signalling Firewall reports. In these two issues, we have addressed the importance of getting the right provider as security concerns are increasing over time, particularly, in a COVID-19 context. Our contribution as a research company would be incomplete if we did not address innovation trends in a fast-paced environment like telecoms. In this regard, The Innovators report features the top 50 vendors in telecoms as well as the main issues highlighted by MNOs that need to be tackled. We have also covered messaging, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular topics within our industry. The A2P SMS reports for MNOs and enterprises cover key insights regarding this ubiquitous messaging solution. Although much can be said about A2P SMS, there is one thing clear, which is that its strong success is primarily due to its inherent versatility.

Reacting to the New Normal

Now that summer is here, The road seems more straight and reliable. The birds are singing and even if the future is not clear we are optimistic that we are on the right path. We are starting to hear optimistic news about innovative efforts that are being carried out worldwide and that will certainly contribute to fighting this pandemic. In a nutshell, this is a reminder that innovation should be the guiding principle for any endeavour. Being innovative and resilient is part of our mission and, as a proof of that, we have refreshed our report catalogue as well as launched ROCCO U. From A2P SMS to Roaming Strategy or IOT Negotiations, the ROCCO U e-learning platform covers a wide range of topics catered to different levels of expertise.

Our aim is two-fold since we want to create something different in our industry that also provides an added value that empowers people in telecoms. We also believe that education is a good way of reinforcing the existing ties of the worldwide community we are part of. For the rest of the year, we will continue publishing reports that go in line with the current developments in our industry. For instance, eSIM has become a buzzword due to its potential capability of transforming roaming in the way we know it today. CPaaS is also expected to be another disruptive technology as it can revolutionise how companies interact with customers by providing a more customised experience. These two projects, as well as the rest of the upcoming reports, exemplify our strong commitment to the analysis of innovation and the direction our industry is taking.

Balancing Act

To recap, 2020 has been so far a very special year for both the industry and our company since we are facing new scenarios that push for further digitalisation. Regardless of the circumstances, our stance has not changed, as we believe in providing independent research that provides key insights for our customers and keeps their path ahead clear and reliable. This is of particular importance in a year where we still have potentially many curves in the road ahead of us.

Written by Antonio Rodriguez, ROCCO Research Lead Researcher.