Join us in celebrating 10 years of ROCCO!

The sparkling drinks are flowing, the cake is being served, join us in celebrating 10 years of ROCCO!

While birthdays are always a time to celebrate, for ROCCO the start-up created 10 years ago this month, this year is a special one.

This month, we are launching several initiatives to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, including the publication of the Genesis Magazine volume 2, podcast interviews, free access to the 1st modules of the ROCCO U Subscription model training, 10% discount on all our ROCCO Research reports, and a new approach to our surveys, among others!

Check all the initiatives:

This second edition of the Genesis magazine has been a delight to bring together. Not only because contributions have been forthcoming to our news desk at ROCCO HQ, but because it seems everyone is looking for a new way to get their message across.

This is a magazine for our industry, but more than that, it’s a magazine focussed on innovation. In this edition we made four interviews: featuring opinions from Anurag Aggarwal (Tanla) the ROCCO IOO number one most influential person, on his amazing career. We spoke to Manuela Montagna (CKHIOD) on innovation from her unique perspective looking at QoS. And we learned how the Wholesale Roaming world looks from the perspective of two small but very innovative operators. We interviewed Antonio Rodrigues (Unitel T+ Cape Verde) and Patrick Gatt (Go, Malta).

We also asked all the BCE Suppliers to tell us which of their co-workers were working on BCE and they shared with us insights on their companies directions on BCE.

Dhiraj Wazir has made a great article on the constant abuse mobile networks are experiencing in our industry and I managed to make quite a few private interviews on what the industry finds are the main challenges with Wholesale Roaming innovation.

If you’re doing something innovative in the industry, and you’re interested to be featured in an upcoming issue of Genesis or you have some ideas or innovations to share why not reach out to us. Our next live event is next May 23rd to 25th and is another great opportunity for transformative thinking.


Request access to the 1st module of our ROCCO U training courses!

In celebration of ROCCO’s 10th Anniversary, we have made available until the end of 2022, modules #1 of all the courses of our ROCCO U Subscription Model.

Write to to request your access to the ROCCO U Virtual Campus!

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Get any ROCCO Research report with 10% discount!

Ten years ago this month, ROCCO was created! For that reason, this October, we are offering 10% discount on all the ROCCO Research reports.

Check out our latest releases on IVC, IPX Networks, A2P SMS, CPaaS and Signalling Firewall, among others.

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